Research tells us that many common medical conditions like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and some cancers are among the leading causes of preventable mortality in the United States. Research also shows that, a strong preventive care approach can have a very positive impact on longevity. At his private concierge medical practice on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Edward S. Goldberg, MD will create a customized preventive plan to address specific hereditary concerns along with a broad approach to uncover more commonly known conditions.

What is preventive medicine?

Many conditions have varying prognoses depending on the stage at which the disease is detected. For example, many types of cancer have different “stages” and they all typically carry a worse prognosis with higher stages. This same concept holds true for diabetes and hypertension; the later they are diagnosed, the greater the risk of damage to other organs. Early detection, through the use of preventive medicine, is one key to longevity.

In considering your individualized plan for prevention, Dr. Goldberg takes a proactive, and holistic approach to your healthcare. Preventive medicine detects treatable conditions before they have the chance to impact your longevity or your quality of life.

What does preventive medicine involve?

Your preventive medicine plan changes with you from year to year as your health needs and goals evolve. The essential components of preventive medicine include:

Wellness exams

Your annual wellness exam is the cornerstone of your health care. During your wellness exam, Dr. Goldberg reviews your entire medical history, family history, medications, allergies, habits, lifestyle and pretty much anything else that either you or he feel is important. During the visit, Dr. Goldberg will perform a physical examination, order laboratory evaluations, and an EKG.

Screening Tests

Based on a number of factors including family history, age, and other risk factors, further specialized screening may be recommended include, for example, dermatologic evaluation, gynecologic evaluation, colonoscopy, endoscopy or calcium score of the heart.


Some vaccines are recommended in a timed manner, like an annual flu shot. Other vaccines may or may not be good for life. Dr. Goldberg checks for common illnesses which are easily prevented with routine vaccinations. Using CDC guidelines, vaccines available with Dr. Goldberg include annual flu vaccine, Pneumovax, Prevnar 13, DTAP, Shingrix, typhoid, yellow fever, meningitis, and Gardisil. Dr. Goldberg is experienced in both pre and post travel medicine and can prepare you for a trip abroad.

Why is preventive medicine important?

Preventive medicine is important because it’s often the best defense you have against chronic disease. Think of your health as an investment in your future. Take care of yourself now to give yourself the best tomorrow possible.

You can help Dr. Goldberg take good care of you by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Eat right, get plenty of sleep and exercise, and find healthy ways to relieve stress naturally.

Dr. Goldberg is your partner in lifelong good health. As your personal concierge doctor, you can trust him for care that goes well beyond just treating your symptoms. Count on him for preventive care that improves your longevity and the quality of your life for years to come.

To schedule your comprehensive preventive wellness exam with Dr. Goldberg, call today.