Concierge Medicine

As your concierge physician in New York City, Dr. Edward S. Goldberg will truly understand your health needs. Together, you will create an individualized wellness, preventive and therapeutic plan that works for your lifestyle. Dr. Goldberg is experienced in treating a wide range of patients and understands that your health is of paramount importance and that your time is valuable.


Internal Medicine

As a board-certified specialist in Internal Medicine, Dr. Edward S. Goldberg diagnoses and treats diseases in adults. He is often the first stop for patients seeking help with nearly any symptom. Dr. Goldberg takes a holistic approach to establishing the root of a problem, instead of simply alleviating symptoms. When necessary, he will refer a patient to a carefully vetted specialist, providing an introduction before your first visit and an ongoing open line of communication.



Gastroenterologists prevent, diagnose and treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, and gallbladder. Dr. Edward S. Goldberg takes a holistic approach to gastroenterology with a goal of using as little pharmaceutical intervention as possible, when possible. He performs colonoscopies and endoscopies, along with a board-certified anesthesiologist, in the privacy of his office, which maintains accreditation with AAAHC (The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health).


Executive Physical Examination

In treating patients at his private medical practice, Edward S. Goldberg, MD, determined that executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs have their own unique health care needs. To answer this need, he developed his signature executive physical for New Yorkers looking to remain healthy and productive for many years to come. An executive physical with Dr. Goldberg includes an in-depth health evaluation, physical examination, lab testing, EKG and imaging when indicated. From there, he puts you on the path to long-term health and well being with individualized recommendations based on your unique risk factors. An Executive Physical Examination with Dr. Goldberg includes:

  • An in-depth health evaluation
  • Lab testing and imaging
  • Physical exam
  • Cat Scan imaging for coronary calcium score
  • Galleri multi-cancer screen testing

Using the information gathered from this thorough procedure, Dr. Goldberg can make individualized recommendations based on your unique risk factors.


Preventive Medicine

Dr. Edward S. Goldberg offers individualized prevention strategies for optimal health based on each persons’ unique risk factors. Membership includes an annual, executive physical examination with laboratory testing, and specialized testing for cancer and heart disease. This includes coronary calcium score. In addition, all available and appropriate vaccines are administered in the office whether for routine care or for specialized travel.


Quality of Life

Understanding the cause of a problem is the first step towards making changes that will directly and substantially improve quality of life. Once a physician takes the time to assess often-overlooked symptoms such as insomnia, irritability, or low libido, they can be attributed to diagnosable medical problems or stressors in your life. Dr. Edward S. Goldberg can work with you to identify treatments that will have a positive, lasting impact on your quality of life.


Travel Medicine

Many of our patients’ lifestyles include frequent international travel. Dr. Edward S. Goldberg can provide required travel vaccinations and documentation for travelers, as well as advice on the prevention of travel-related illnesses. Dr. Goldberg suggests a consultation at least six weeks before traveling abroad, during which he can update vaccinations and address health concerns specific to your destination(s). Upon returning, you can also book a post-travel consultation to screen for conditions you may have acquired while away.


Diagnostic Consultation

If you are not local to New York City and want to arrange a consultation for any medical condition with Dr. Goldberg, including a thorough review of all prior records, please contact the office.

24/7 access with Sollis Health

Membership with Edward S. Goldberg, MD includes membership to Sollis Health, a state-of-the art, 24/7, private urgent care center with two locations in Manhattan. Because of our relationship, the $5000 annual membership fee for Sollis Health is waived. Your membership gives you access to their facilities and physician visits. Please note, there will be a fee for blood work and advanced tests or imaging (on site CT/X ray/MRI), which will be submitted to your insurance by Sollis Health for reimbursement to you. You can learn more about Sollis Health by visiting their website at Their brochure and an article about Sollis Health can be found here: